Five Mining Claims and sites in Virgin Valley, northwest Nevada, comprising the WRT/Dominion Opal holdings.  Four Lode Opal Mining claims and one millsite on power with substantial improvements.  All 4 opal claims and the millsite are active, valid, and the lode claims are PROVEN OPAL PRODUCERS.  Black Opal, Crystal Opal, Conk Opal, and Fire Opals.  They will continue to produce opals as far as you follow the opal zone into the hillsides.  This deposit has barely been scratched. Most of the other famous mines have been dug in deep and have literally tons of overburden to deal with.  Much of the opal ground in my claims is very close to the surface with less overburden.  This valley has had alot of issues and drama.  You will not have the same problems that we have had. 3 claims were located in 2004, with the other two in 2019.  BLM HAS CHECKED AND CLEARED LAND STATUS.

  The claims are (with blue link to BLM register page so you can click and verify the claims yourself with the BLM):
  1. WRT Pleasures LODE, NMC#865653, BLM MLRS#NV101621877,
  2. WRT Moonbeams Child LODE, NMC#865654, BLM MLRS#NV101621878,
  3. WRT Stonetree LODE, NMC#865655, BLM MLRS#NV101621879,
  4. Dominion Opal #1 LODE, NMC#1196678, BLM MLRS#NV101853984,
  5. Prisms MILLSITE, NMC#1196683, BLM MLRS#NV101853985,
Additionally, the Dominion Opal Mine is registered with the US Dept of Labor, MSHA (Mine Safety & Health Adminstration) and is fully compliant, Mine ID #2602840, currently under Temporary Idle status with MSHA.  The 4 lode claims are all UNpatented claims on federal land, and 20.66 acres each, each measuring 1500 x 600 ft., totaling 82.64 acres; the millsite is UNpatented also, and approximately 5 acres, so with all is a total of 87.64 acres.  YOU CAN VERIFY THE CLAIM YOURSELF WITH THE BLM.  The land status was checked and verified by BLM in 2004.  There have NEVER been any legal actions brought against the claims and by statute nobody can now.  The Stonetree claim is the famous old claim that has the 30+ ft petrified log on it.  Also on ebay at the following link:


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