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An intro to the aesthetics, techniques, and the historical aspects of Painting will be discussed. We will then use oil color/watercolor to explore, basic design, Color, and composition on a two dimensional surface. Color theory is closely examined in all aspects as to how it relates to visual composition. The use of Traditional & contemporary methods of painting will be explored. A demonstration of Stretching & priming canvas will also be done. Outdoor (Plein Air painting) techniques can also be completed of the landscape around us, as weather permits, during the summer months. The Subject matter will constantly be changing.  Bring your own supplies & Brushes
Open studio times; 6 sessions;2 hour sessions, Cost: $120.00.
 Studio easels on site.  Minimum 2 students and maximum 8 students. For both watercolor and oil painting classes. 
A Trip to the DeSmet Art Paint-In Weekend is planned (Usually 2nd weekend in August). Bring your own supplies & brushes. Provide your own transporation or check with others who might have space for out in the field studies.  Great chance to meet other artists and painting styles.


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